Vicks vapor rub acne treatment

Vicks vapor rub acne treatment

It works, vicks vaporub in my case have dissolved my pimples and cysts, the cysts that came out overnight were only because i applied acnomel during the day to kind of irritate the cyst a little to make it come out to head faster, but i wouldn' t recommend that. just dissolve it with the vicks, it is better, no mess and no breaking the skin. why vicks vaporub might seem to work. why does there seem to be so much anecdotal evidence on acne message boards and beauty blogs saying that vicks is a good acne treatment? vicks is very quick and easy to apply. the area on, and surrounding, the pimple should be cleaned thoroughly before application. a small amount of the rub, just enough to cover the spot, should be applied using a cotton swab. the vicks can be left on for a few hours, or overnight. the ingredients in vicks vapor rub and why they work for acne.

this skin treatment with vicks vaporub is one which which can help get rid of the nasty fungus we know as athlete' s foot. rubbing the vaporub between your toes will help get rid of the microbes which spread the fungus. if you have a minor attack you can rub it in to help the process along. in fact, petrolatum is moisturizing and creates a barrier on the skin preventing bacteria from getting in – ideal when it comes to treating acne and pimples. another pro of using vick’ s vaporub as an vicks vapor rub acne treatment acne treatment is the cost. many effective acne treatments can be expensive, however a medium- sized tub will only set you back around $ 3- $ 4. but don’ t worry vicks for cystic acne is the best effective treatment. after researching and study about vicks we came to know that vicks vapor rub has been considered one of the best option to get rid of a cyst acne. ease acne; as impossible as it may seem, vicks can help you have clean skin.

all you need to do is rub it on your acne couple of times a day. repels insects; apply some vicks on your inner knees, neck, behind the ears and your elbows. additionally, open a vicks bottle while you are on a picnic and keep the flies away. eliminates bruises. i read a post somehwere that said vicks vapor rub worked on cysts. so i rubbed some on 2 nights in a row, and today the inflammation and redness went down significantly. i' ve had this cyst for about 2. 5 days only so i' m surprised it subsided so quickly- - usually takes couple of weeks. vicks vaporub is definitely not intended to be used as an acne treatment, however, this topical ointment has quite an interesting and very useful ability. it is intended to relieve nasal congestion, suppress coughs, as well as relieve muscle and joint pain.

additionally, vicks vaporub has also been used to treat mosquito bites. to find out if vicks vapor rub is really a miracle cure for acne, let’ s look into each ingredient individually. luckily the vicks formula is fairly uncomplicated so this won’ t take long. can you use desonide cream for acne. do some ingredients in vicks vapor rub have the potential to be effective? more importantly, is this product safe to use for the treatment of acne?

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